23 of the Best Reactions to Apple's 2018 Keynote Announcement

23 of the Best Reactions to Apple's 2018 Keynote Announcement

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Unless you're an Apple-superfan you might not be aware that Apple held its annual Apple launch yesterday.

Within the live-stream conference, they announced some of their new products, their names, features and most importantly, price tags.

Of course, the vast majority of reactions have been complimentary, but some were less than impressed.

We've rummaged through Twitter to find some of the funniest reactions to the announcements made yesterday and uncovered some real gems. Enjoy.

Brilliant Twitter reactions to Apple's pricing strategy

There are a few things in life that are guaranteed. Death, taxes and overpriced Apple products. These peeps know the score.

#1 - This savvy consumer has "got Apple's number"

So Apple's solution to people not wanting to pay $1,000 for the iPhone X was to discontinue it and charge $1,000 for the iPhone Xs instead?

— K E V I N (@KevChestnut) September 12, 2018

#2 - This potential iPhone customer might be in for sleepless nights

Me and my bank account trying to argue if we are going to buy the IPhone Xs

— Igor (@Mr_igor30) September 12, 2018

#3 - Seems this potential iPhone XS Max owner's bank account will hate her soon

If y’all think I’m stupid enough to pay $1099 for the iPhone XS Max.... you’re absolutely right, when can I place my order? LMAOOOO #AppleEvent

— Marina Preciado (@oxminaox) September 12, 2018

#4 - Seems someone has discovered Apple's true inspiration for their new products

iphone is slowly turning into kingdom hearts

— andrew webster (@A_Webster) September 12, 2018

#5 - This chap is, almost, ready to buy the new iPhone XS Max

I have everything in place to buy the new iPhone Xs Max 512gb. All I need now is the money.#AppleEvent

— Elvis Tunde ⚓ (@Tunnyking) September 12, 2018

#6 - The new iPhone might cost you more than you bargained for

You have two ways to get the iPhoneXs Max ??

— dek-za (@0834281655) September 13, 2018

#7 - It's always a good idea to lower your expectations

#AppleEvent now that the new Iphone is out..i can now finally afford a second hand iPhone 4

— warren Mduduzi (@Smanga87Warren) September 13, 2018

Funny Reactions to Apple's New Products' Specs

Not everyone appears to be totally 'sold' on Apple's new products.

#8 - Everyone knows this tweet is true but will likely buy an iPhone anyway

You can legit buy an awesome Gaming laptop for the price of Apples new 512gb iphone.

It doesnt even ship with a fast charger or headphone adapter.

— Evan Moller (@dont_at_evan) September 12, 2018

#9 - This reaction perfectly sums up the war between Samsung and Apple

Samsung watching this Apple Keynote like

— Creative Rants (@Creative_Rants) September 12, 2018

#10 - Anyone who uses a Homer Simpson GIF is clearly making a valid point, fact!

Camera companies after seeing the new IPhone Xs

— kylegaray (@Iamkylegaray) September 12, 2018

#11 - This Meme-addict is certainly looking forward to the new iPhone XS's storage capacity

The iPhone Xs holds 512GB or in my case: 200,000 memes. #AppleEvent

— Philip Lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) September 12, 2018

#12 - With the iPhone XS Max you too can become 'Big Brother'

— Mom (@truongasm) September 12, 2018

#13 - Never a truer statement has ever been spoken

The only upgrade I care about.

— ???? (@iam_faji) September 13, 2018

Brilliant Reactions to new Apple products' aesthetics

There are some predictable meme reactions to Apple Events every year but, let's be honest, they are still funny.

#14 - Don't worry you are not alone

This is how I see the new iPhone

— 9GAG (@9GAG) September 13, 2018

#15 - This guy went there...

If you're using Android, you won't be satisfied unless you get some groundbreaking feature. But with iPhone, you'll go gaga over a new wallpaper. Apple enables us to appreciate simple things in life. ? #AppleEvent

— Prasad Varanacode (@yespress) September 13, 2018

#16 - You can't please all the people all of the time

Introducing the new apple watch

— innocent drinks (@innocent) September 12, 2018

Hilarious Reactions to the Apple Watch Series 4

From reactions online it seems that the Apple Watch Series 4 was by far the standout product - in the opinion of potential consumers that is. Its most popular features appear to be its ECG and Fall Detection features.

#17 - It's official the Apple Watch Series 4 could save your life

Just fainted at the price of a new Iphone XS, fortunately my new Apple Watch 4 has detected this and despatched an ambulance. #iPhoneXS#Eyewatering#Walletbursting

— Andy Hair (@northerntrack) September 12, 2018

#18 - It appears the Apple Watch Series 4 can also save you from yourself!

Drinking with an Apple Watch on just got INTERESTING

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) September 12, 2018

#19 - Seems the Apple Watch will only get better over time

Apple watch features

2018 : ECG
2019 : Angioplasty
2020 : Bypass Surgery
2021: Funeral arrangements#AppleEvent

— SAGAR (@sagarcasm) September 12, 2018

Miscellaneous Funny Responses

And finally, a selection of related but non-specific reactions to the Apple event yesterday.

#20 - This Todd Howard fan was not entirely impressed

— Jacob Rabon IV ? (@alpharadtv) September 12, 2018

#21 - "Place your hands on"- well up!

Raise your hand if you're also not part of Apple's target market?‍♀

— Mbaliyezwe Ndlela (@mbali_ndlela) September 12, 2018

#22 - It's obviously that time of year (again) for Apple

Apple just ruined everything that Steve Jobs worked for. The innovation is dead. Dead, I tell you, DEAD!

— Rosenyork (@Remmi_Rosenyork) September 12, 2018

#23 - Some sage advise - but remember "the value of your investments can go down as well as up over time"

Instead of spending £1,500 quid on a new iPhone and Apple Watch...


— So Damn ElectroCute (@JesalTV) September 13, 2018

Watch the video: Apple Event October 13 (July 2022).


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